What Products to Eat Before and After Exercise

For the fact that sports training has brought as much benefit as possible, it is necessary to follow certain rules, one of which is a balanced diet, both before and after training.

Naturally, just before the beginning of classes, the use of any products other than water is not recommended, however, an hour before this, you can eat a couple of boiled eggs that contain in their composition many useful substances, including vitamin D, which improves bone health.

In addition, as a snack you can use nuts, giving preference to almonds, which is able to maintain a normal state of blood sugar. After the end of training, sea fish of fatty varieties is best suited, as a side dish to which vegetables are best suited.

Especially good cabbage, which can be used in stew, kvasshenom, or as a salad. Observing such norms of nutrition for some time you will feel not only relief in the whole body, as you get rid of extra pounds, but also a burst of energy, as well as an improvement in mood, which will positively affect your performance.

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