What Products Should Be Discarded With Arthritis

American scientists have conducted a series of studies have proved the dependence of food on the development of arthritis.

If earlier, it was reported that this disease is mainly due to the wear of joint tissues, then after this experiment it can be argued that if the rules of nutrition can be avoided this disease.

A woman who had severe joint disease, while having excess weight, after refusing to use dairy products, could not only normalize the joints, but also dropped a few pounds. People who suffer from arthritis include sugar, salt, coffee and fats. As for vegetables, it is desirable to limit tomatoes and eggplant.

Products that do not harm joints include brown rice, cabbage of almost all varieties, cucumbers, greens, and fruits, except for citrus cultures. If during the certain period, following proper nutrition, it will not be possible to achieve the desired results, it will be better to contact specialists.

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