What products do waist fat?

10101623Many women face the problem of losing weight.

However, very often, they are worried about is some kind of problem body area, which did not manage to drive away the fat, even the most intense training and strict diets. One of these areas is the waist.

Women’s waist is always a problematic place in terms of burning fat. However, in practice, to remove excess fat from the waist is still possible, but you need to get rid of some of the products that interfere with this process.

In particular, the experts recommend to exclude from the diet of milk, because this product has a very complex structure and many simply do not digest. In addition, discard the gum – they cause flatulence in the stomach and prevent the slimness of your waist. The same applies to peas and beans – These foods also provoke excessive flatulence, so your waist will not look harmonious.

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