What Products Confront Diseases

In order to avoid the flu, which is more common in winter, you need to follow some rules, because as soon as it depends on you, if you can avoid the disease during the season.

Along with a variety of activities, such as tempering, exercise, play an important role food that you eat.

During the spread of viral diseases is recommended daily to eat one clove of garlic. Despite the fact that this vegetable has a peculiar odor, due to which many people refuse to use it, do not do it, because health is more expensive, especially because today there is plenty of hygiene, can reduce any odors.

For many centuries, from various diseases, including those of the common cold, people used to sauerkraut, which helped bowel, heart and replenishes the body with vitamins, especially C, and as is known, it is most active in the confrontation with the virus .

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