What Not to Do After Eating?

To avoid digestive problems need to know the simple rules of behavior after meals.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of food intake and human actions after its reception, which will be reflected in state of health.

The digestive system requires careful treatment to avoid problems. There are many tips on what not to do after a meal, which were developed based on the results of research scientists. Therefore, worrying about health, it is necessary to know precisely what rules to follow.

Everyone knows the conventional wisdom that a walk after a meal – recommended, but it is a mistake many people.

On the contrary, the activity can cause severe heartburn and discomfort in the stomach indigestion. During active walking will burn calories, but to make such a walk, on the advice of doctors, better than half an hour after a meal. According to another opinion, having eaten, you can eat a piece of fruit, which is also fundamentally true. Fruit will react with the food, fermentation occurs, which will cause an imbalance in the body. After the meal must pass a couple of hours, then we can consume fruits.

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