What Kind of Snacks Can Not be Combined With Alcohol

Few hours left until Christmas and New Year meeting.

These are holidays that are looking forward to both children and adults, because how come the holidays, during which you can be nice to relax.

In order not to overshadow the holidays, when the whole family can go to the rink, go skiing or visit the mall, should adhere to certain rules during a feast.

One is not to overeat, because in those days at the tables a large variety of delicious dishes that can be difficult to not be tempted to eat an extra serving. This also applies to alcoholic beverages. Apart from the fact that we should not abuse them, they also can not be mixed, for example, brandy and wine, vodka or beer.

In addition, it is necessary to carefully select snacks, because not every product is combined with alcohol. For example, nutritionists do not recommend to stick spirits with sweets such as cake or cake.

During the holidays, when our stomach is exposed to additional stress, it is necessary to completely abandon sweet carbonated water, replacing it with tea.

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