What Kind of Fruit in Spring More Vitamin

In the spring of the year, every person in varying degrees, feels a lack of vitamins, resulting in various diseases can occur.

In order to reduce their deficits, it is recommended to eat some fruits, which at this time there are a number of useful substances.

Naturally, none of them does not contain the amount of vitamins, which is available in the fruit immediately after harvest. In the first place, you can put apples, and this is despite the fact that winter varieties contain large amounts of sugar. Scientists have proven that eating 1-2 apples a day in humans, not only increases the immune system, but also improves the function of the intestine, metabolism.

With regard to bananas, which can be purchased at any time of the year, then they are also present amino acids, vitamins that replenish our body. Also, this fruit is recommended for people suffering from heart disease, as it improves the functioning of the heart muscle. In this list you can safely include persimmon and kiwi. Also, try to eat every day in moderation dried, pre-soaking them in hot water.

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