What Kind of Foods Should be Avoided for Heartburn

1510169Most people at least once in his life faced with the unpleasant feeling as heartburn.

The main reasons for its occurrence are long-term state of tension, as well as poor diet.

As for food, then, as a result of eating foods that are hard to processed, the stomach is necessary to allocate a large amount of acid that rises up, causing heartburn occurs. To avoid this, you must include in your diet foods that contain fiber. Very good help to dairy products – such as yogurt.

But from chips or chicken, fried in butter, should be discarded. Still you have to stop eating fast food, because it contains large amounts of harmful fats, and is also capable of causing problems with the digestive system. The stomach is very difficult to digest this food, because it has a lot of trans fats. Therefore, the stomach produces a lot of juice and is therefore the acidity increases.

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