What Kind of Fish is Not Necessary to Include in the Children’s Menu

With the advent of the child in a young family, naturally increased efforts, especially as concerns the feeding baby when his diet should consist not only of milk.

In addition to cereals, which are necessary for the growing organism, should be gradually introduced meat, fish, vegetables and fruits.

As for the fish, preference should be given to marine species, because, river fish may contain in its composition a lot of harmful substances as well as in rivers and lakes, where it is found, sometimes fall wastewater, which carry harmful bacteria. Today, many farmers prefer to breed fish in cages, and not just carp species, but salmon.

When they use special fattening feed comprising in its chemical composition, as well as antibiotics to prevent fish diseases. Naturally, all of these elements are accumulated in the meat, and after eating, they remain in the body.

Fish that has been frozen more than once, are dangerous, because it develops a variety of bacteria, therefore, such a product should not be consumed, not only children but also adults.

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