What is Useful to Separate Food

Some people have a separate power supply, thus, should not be confused with a strict diet, because these meals are different from each other.

With regard to diet, most experts do not recommend to get involved in them, especially in winter, because our body needs to get all the nutrients to maintain immunity.

But, try to eat foods divided by their properties, it is meant proteins separately from carbohydrates, can be at any age, especially if you suffer from excessive weight. The basic rule is not to take food both proteins and carbohydrates. Means, if you decide to eat porridge, potatoes and other foods containing carbohydrates, then they should not be consumed with meat or fish, which better suited as a garnish vegetable dishes.

Those people who for a long time adhere to this diet, note that they rarely bloating, no heaviness in the stomach, because food is faster and easier to digest and there is no fermentation, as in cases where there is a mixing of incompatible products .

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