What is the Use of the Water With a Lemon

Some people wake up after a night’s sleep, prefer to drink coffee because they think that it will help them to quickly acquire vigor and activity, but, unfortunately, they are deeply mistaken, because as coffee, drunk on an empty stomach, but harm no benefit will not bring.

This particularly applies to soluble grades, in which manufacturers add a variety of substances.

However, there is a drink that does not require much effort and financial costs, and, benefit from its use much more, especially since it can drink almost all people without restriction. The recipe is very simple it in a glass of warm drinking water need to add lemon juice and a small amount of honey. Thoroughly mix the contents, it is recommended to drink immediately after sleep, in the ideal case, a half-hour before breakfast.

What sort of useful properties has a drink? It turns out that it helps in the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the formation of kidney stones, but also helps to improve metabolism and enhancing immunity.

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