What is the Harm to the Organism from Snoring?

Some people snore during sleep, unaware that this is a serious illness, because, apnea develops, or more simply, a periodic delay in breathing, which in turn disrupts the work of the heart and brain.

A person who snores can not even guess about it, but close people are often well aware of this, because snoring is so loud that it is impossible to sleep in one room with such a person.

The causes of snoring can be various, it can be facilitated by polyps in the nose, chronic rhinitis, curvature of the nose and other factors, including lifestyle management, because smoking and alcohol abuse only worsen the situation. To get rid of it, you must follow the following rules.

One of them is giving up smoking, reducing body weight, and also, the correct position during sleep, because lying on one side, a person snores less often. When choosing it, experts unambiguously recommend the left, because in this position the airways will not overlap.

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