What is Dangerous High Blood Sugar

2611163Science does not stand still.

All sorts of discoveries and experiences to help find cures for existing diseases or prevent their overall appearance. US researchers conducted a series of experiments at the University of Washington to study the high level of sugar in the blood. The higher the score, the greater the likelihood of acquisition and development of such a terrible disease like dementia. This disease is characterized by acquired mental disorder or dementia. Most often, this diagnosis is already people in the retirement age. As an American subjects were elderly people over the age of sixty years. They passed this analysis, as the measurement of blood glucose levels.

The results showed unpredictable, but sad. It turns out that people who look after their health, and can boast a measure of blood glucose all within 100 mg/dl, have very little chance to get dementia, that is somewhere in the 18 per cent lower than those who analysis indicator is overestimated to 115 mg/dl.

People with this disease, such as diabetes and glycemic index of 190 mg/dl are at increased risk of developing mental disorders by as much as 40 percent higher than diabetics with the figure of 160 mg/dl.

Currently, physicians and scientists was the discovery that dementia may also develop in people who do not have such a disease, such as diabetes, but glucose level fluctuates between high and satisfactory.

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