What if it Smells Bad Breath?

Fairly common situation – you have got acquainted with the girl or guy, but shy to kiss him because of the fact that you have a bad smell from the mouth.

This is a typical problem faced by about 25% of all people in the world. In fact, the causes of bad breath by breathing too much. In most cases, the main reason is the process of rotting food remnants, which was stuck between his teeth and began to be borne bacteria.

Sometimes breathing problems are the result of problems with the intestines or other internal organs. If you do not want to experience this unpleasant feeling, then here are some useful tips:

Avoid hot spices from the diet;
Most often drink water;
Rinse your mouth after meals;
When brushing your teeth, do not forget to brush your tongue.

You can also use the additional funds for fresh breath that can help in a difficult situation.

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