What Hurts From Reading Lying

Everyone knows that reading is able to develop memory, intellectual thinking and makes a person more erudite, supplementing it with additional knowledge.

However, experts note the fact that reading lying is harmful to our health. Often there are cases when, going to bed, people take a book with them and read out late.

Naturally, this can not be done, because it is necessary to read while sitting, holding the book at a distance of 30 to 40 centimeters from the eyes. This is necessary in order not to spoil the eyesight and not to use glasses until old age. At the same time, there should be good lighting, because with his insufficient number of eyes quickly get tired. Reading, lying down, adversely affects the spine, especially in the neck region, because the head has to constantly tilt.

Going to bed our body, automatically preparing for bed, but not for reading, therefore, all the material read is quickly forgotten. For those people who read a lot of literature every day, it is recommended to introduce products that have a positive effect on vision, such as carrots, garlic, pumpkin.

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