What Hurt Deals Night Work

Nowadays, in order to find a good and well-paid job in order to live with dignity, people have to work in the night shifts.

Some people do not even know what harm this schedule does to the body. American scientists conducted a study on rodents, artificially replacing them with a day at night.

The results were overwhelming, because almost all animals had palpitations, a feeling of increased nervousness, and they quickly gained weight.

Naturally, those people who are fully or partially forced to work at night, cause significant damage to their health, especially the cardiovascular system, the psychological state, not to mention the second type of diabetes, which in such people occurs much more often than in persons, Working in the daytime.

If there is no possibility to switch to more comfortable work, then you should follow the rules to minimize harm to your health. One of them is a mandatory sleep, both before the shift and after.

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