What harm health mobile phone deals

03101615It is difficult to imagine how we ever managed without cell phone.

Just a few years ago, only began to appear the data devices that allow people to connect to the desired number, from anywhere. This handy communication network has covered all of the country, where from an early age and, to a ripe old age, all people enjoy such phones. Many citizens do not realize how much harm to our health cause these small devices.

After the announcement of the results of research by American scientists, the negative impact of mobile communications on the person, in Israel, in order to reduce the risk of all sorts of diseases, have developed a technique which provides for the procedure for dealing with mobile phones. According to these guidelines it is prohibited to talk on the phone to film the premises, such as an elevator.

Not just a phone, but also other devices that emit radiation, for example, the antenna Wi Fi, and even semi-automatic device during operation is harmful. Therefore, such devices must be turned off during sleep.

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