What Harm Does the Computer Health?

1609201613Nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without a mobile phone, because it almost exists in every human being. Also popular are the computers, because now all the rooms all schools are equipped with computers, in addition, it can be found a lot of useful information. debates conducted among physicians about how bad for our health prosizhivanie the computer. Much harm as well as from other equipment, it does not bring, if it is not followed by a 12 hours.

Some of the most common diseases, due to the fact that while working at the computer a person is inactive, and it can cause low back pain, pain in the joints. To avoid this, you need to find a comfortable chair and a table, so as not to feel constrained during operation.

Also, do not forget to exercise for at least 5-10 minutes for every hour. As for the view, then by using protective eyewear and are not subject to strain your eyes when reading on the monitor of the fine print, the computer does not harm.

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