What Foods Not Recommended

In our time, in most countries there is no shortage of food, but experts warn that some of them do not, only do not have useful properties, but also can cause irreparable harm to health.

From a large list of harmful products can be identified such, which some people do not even guess, for example, sausages.

The fact is that during their preparation, various substances are added that are able to give the best taste and extend the shelf life.

Scientifically proven that the use of sausages, especially smoked, provokes the onset of cancer. Often, for the preparation of different salads, mayonnaise is used, in which there are also harmful impurities, so it is better if you prepare the sauce yourself.

Buying in the supermarkets packed sliced ​​lettuce, we do not even imagine how many bacteria can be on it. Also, do not buy ready-made green tea in bottles, because it contains harmful substances and a large amount of sugar.

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