What Foods Is Not Recommended To Preheat

Most housewives prepare food, counting not on one device, but on several.

All this is caused by a lack of time, because, in spite of modern household appliances, we have to devote enough time to prepare tasty and nutritious food.

Naturally, in order to save, the leftover products are stored in the refrigerator, which is then heated, in most cases using a microwave oven.

However, experts warn that some dishes are not recommended to be subjected to secondary heat treatment, because they can form harmful substances that can cause not only poisoning, but in some cases paralysis of the extremities. They include rice, in which bacteria are formed because of prolonged storage.

It is especially dangerous to keep boiled rice in a room at room temperature, at which the amount of harmful substances grows rapidly. The same applies to mushrooms, preparing which portions should be counted, because their storage and heating, can provoke severe poisoning.

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