What Foods are not Recommended for Eating Fasting

From the proper nutrition of envy is not only our well-being, but also longevity, because, different products can affect the health status, both favorably and negatively.

Everyone knows that there are harmful and wholesome products, naturally from the first, and to such belong French fries, sweet soda water and others, it is better to give up altogether.

With regard to products that are of benefit, then using them should adhere to some rules, especially breakfast. In order not to harm the stomach, you need to know what foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach. They include garlic, which can irritate the walls of the stomach, which can cause not only heartburn, but also more serious diseases.

Despite the fact that fresh vegetables and fruits are useful, from the use of most of them during breakfast, it is better to refuse, because because of the acid content in them, gastritis can occur. In this list you can add yogurt, confectionery and cold drinks.

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