What Foods are Good for Vision?

02111629Our eyes – this is one of the most important organs that help orient in space and see the world.

However, very often due to various diseases, increased load, lack of sleep, or age-related changes eyesight may deteriorate. To prevent or avoid the process of vision problems in the future, it is necessary now to balance the diet so that the products were special in its composition.

Among the products that are useful for the view, the following options can be identified:

Natural fruit. First of all, it concerns the blueberries. Blueberry is a unique complex of vitamins that protect eyesight and reduce capillary fragility.
Carotene. All products that contain carotene, are very useful for your vision. Primarily, it carrots, spinach, parsley, liver, fish, fish oil, and many others.
Ascorbic acid. A great benefit for vision is ascorbic acid, which can be obtained in an already finished product or products – broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cherries, peanuts, almonds.

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