What Factors Impair our Memory?

070920165If you have often noticed that you forget the obvious moments of his life, feeling more distracted or looking for a long time the house keys that do not remember where we left, so it’s time to pay attention to their own memory.

In fact, forgetfulness, in many cases, is not related to some serious illness and is completely natural. It is normal that your mind sometimes loses some information, because it is updated with new data every second. However, sometimes the memory impairment may be the result of manifestations of various serious diseases.

For example, memory impairment is often seen in patients who have problems with the thyroid gland. As a rule, it is accompanied by the appearance of symptoms such as depression, fever, chills, increased nervousness, and so on.

In addition, many experts have found a pattern between memory impairment and a chronic lack of sleep. The man whose body does not have time to fully recover during sleep, often suffer from excessive forgetfulness and even blackouts.

Your Brain Needs Rest

It is very important to understand that for the normal function of the memory, your brain should regularly rest, especially after heavy loads. Try to eliminate the lack of sleep and go to bed earlier to give the possible intellectual system a full recovery and reboot. To develop a good memory, you can use special exercises to memorize. For example, try to lay out playing cards in a loose order, and after 15 seconds turn them over and try to remember each of the cards. Gradually complicate the exercises to achieve a better result.

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