What Factors Affect Alcohol Dependence

One of the reasons for the high mortality rate of people is excessive consumption of alcohol, which can destroy not only the brain, but also other organs, such as the liver, kidneys, heart.

The causes of alcohol dependence can be different. In many ways depends on the social environment in which a person lives.

If, for example, parents, as well as their friends, relatives often arrange feasts with drinking, then the likelihood that the adolescent craving for alcohol can increase several times.

Adult people also depend on the range of their communication, and if colleagues are drinkers, then it is difficult to avoid alcohol dependence. Scientists say that the material situation of people plays an important role, because most alcoholics receive very low salaries, or do not work at all.

To this can be added also the heavy physical labor, after which people try to relax in this way. Sometimes the reason is that a person feels dissatisfaction both in personal life and official life. Also important is the psychological state of a person, because, with a feeling of insecurity in their abilities, an inferiority complex, alcohol often comes to the aid.

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