What do You Know About the Gruel?

How to start the day, so it was successful?

Often we give up a healthy breakfast in the morning, replacing it with a cup of coffee or tea with a sandwich.

But if we get the supply of energy at least until dinner time, to feel cheerful? What to prefer sandwiches, or porridge? Do not hesitate to answer, the best and healthy breakfast – it’s oatmeal. And here are some facts about what useful properties it possesses.

Enough in the morning to eat a bowl of oatmeal and replenish the body 4 grams of fiber that can lower blood cholesterol concentration. A subsequent 10 grams, reduce the risk of colon cancer. Many years of research have shown the product, the more often eat porridge in the diet, the more likely prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases of the organs and normalize blood pressure. Few people know about such substances in oatmeal as beta-glucans, and because they reduce appetite, allow the body to get enough for a long time, holding the weight and all of their properties, act as antidepressants.

That is why oatmeal is considered a favorite dish of many athletes, eating the put portion of an hour before the workout, increases the effectiveness of performed activities. As part of oatmeal contains antioxidants that rejuvenate the body’s cells, are an obstacle to the formation of tumors. And, as we know, in many countries, eating oatmeal for breakfast, but scientists have proved that it is indispensable for dinner purged for people suffering from insomnia.

Many more can talk about the useful properties of oatmeal, but the best option would be to start using it in your diet right now, because the result will not take long.

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