What Distinguishes the Work at Home from Office

American scientists managed to prove that the people who work at home, are more prone to various diseases than those people who are busy in the office, with it, doing the same job.

The main reason is that homeworkers are unable to communicate with the teams, in the best case, this conversation over the phone or Skype, while a completely different atmosphere in the society.

Long working alone, people become irritable, they disturbed the nervous system, and there are problems with sleep. The fact that such people can not correctly make the daily routine, sharing time for work and leisure. Despite the fact that homework does not make waking up early, stand at the bus stop waiting for transport, to hear claims bosses, people rarely experience positive emotions, which leads to depression.

This is especially true of women as working from home, they no longer look after themselves, considering that this is not necessary. Moreover, such people are more exposed to the appearance of extra kilos, because not everyone will be able to bring himself to engage in physical exercise.

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