What Dishes Do not Mix with Alcohol

090920162Many of us think that alcohol is a versatile product that can be combined with almost any food types. However, well-known nutritionists warn against this practice. In fact, there are some dishes that are contraindicated combine with alcoholic beverages.

For example, the basic recommendation of doctors – not to combine alcohol with a fatty meal. It turns out that the body is much better if before drinking an alcoholic beverage people eat low-fat foods rich in protein. For this purpose the ideal chicken or fish. In addition, it is advisable to use some extra side dishes – potatoes, rice, cereal or vegetable stew.

By the way, rice is the adsorbent property, so help excrete waste products of alcohol and harmful toxins.

If you drink alcohol with fatty foods, fast food, salads with mayonnaise, the alcohol action slows down and is more severe poisoning.

Can Alcohol Be Helpful?

Surprisingly, despite its dangerous properties, alcohol can sometimes be beneficial to health. But for this it is necessary to use only high-quality alcoholic beverages and in small dosages. For example, doctors recommend drinking 1 glass of dry red wine at dinner to improve blood circulation and digestion. In addition, 30-40 ml of whiskey with ice can be an excellent tool against stress and improve mood. But be careful – do not exceed the recommended alcohol intake rates.

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