What Danger is Plastic Tableware?

Today, almost every house has a disposable or reusable plastic ware, which we often use for storage of products.

In particular, in recent years gained increasing popularity of plastic containers, which many women use as a container for food storage – they are food stored in the refrigerator, we carry containers to work or give the children to school.

But few know that the food in plastic containers exposed to certain negative impacts. In particular, the staff of the University of Massachusetts conducted a number of studies, as a result of which it was possible to find out how dangerous it is to store food in a plastic container. It turned out that the most dangerous to health are plastic containers, as part of which there is bisphenol A.

Particularly high concentrations of hazardous substances during heating occurs, so heat the food in a microwave oven in a plastic dish prohibited. Experts recommend that, instead of plastic containers, use conventional ceramic ware, which is safer for health.

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