What can Replace the Sausage?

2309201615Surely many of you breakfast consists of a cup of coffee or freshly brewed tea, to which you add the sausage sandwich, a huge range that offers all supermarkets. But, did you know that almost all the sausages have no useful properties, on the contrary, many of them are harmful to your health, as it is used in their manufacture mass of harmful additives and dyes.

In order to such Breakfasts not harm their health, the sausage can be replaced by other products, which are no less tasty, but much more useful. For example, take a piece of veal or tongue and boil in water with salt and various spices. Such a product can be stored in the refrigerator for several days, so you can easily cut a piece on a sandwich.

Fish lovers can prepare a sandwich herring fillets or salted salmon, with the addition of butter, which is quite satisfying, but most importantly, useful. Finally, a piece of cheese, eaten for breakfast, add in your body, it is much more useful substances than any of the sausages.

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