What Can Replace Household Chemicals

24111615Nowadays there is hardly a housewife who would not use household cleaning products, and this is understandable, because it is very convenient.

A single drop of liquid to wash up all the greasy dishes, or by adding a little bleach washing machine, get a crisp white linen. In this case we forget what harm this “chemistry” does to our health, because it is proven that all of it is dangerous, because in addition to allergies disrupt metabolism, affects the nervous system and even provoke the occurrence of malignant tumors. Therefore, it is better to use natural remedies, which at one time was used by our ancestors.

For example, to get rid of the unpleasant fishy smell, you can use slices of lemon, which is sufficient to wipe it all the items that were used during cooking.

Applying salt and baking soda can remove baked-on food, as well as saline solution will help soften terry products after washing. And that’s just not a big list of substitutes for household chemicals, because here you can add vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and many other means.

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