What Can Prevent Losing Weight

For any woman slim figure is a very important factor, and in order to achieve that weight was normal, especially before the start of the bathing season, some of the ladies do not feel sorry for this neither the means nor the energy.

Most nutritionists do not recommend to go on a strict diet, especially in winter, because, in addition to health hazards, no effect is not achieved.

The best thing is to keep a constant control over the rate of food intake and types of food included in your diet. If, for example, you will be on a daily basis to eat a few biscuits or a hamburger, it is natural about any positive result can not be considered. If your diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables, and you eat a little while, but do not lose weight, you should look for the cause, which may be more serious.

This may be associated with impaired thyroid function, because it is from this body depends on the metabolism. The list can also be added sleep, mealtime, as well as the psychological state of a person, because if he’s nervous, it usually eats more than usual.

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