What Can Not Be Eaten on an Empty Stomach?

11111623Our food is the main tool for building our health and longevity.

In fact, there is now a huge number of different products which have different effects on the state of our body. However, some of them can be consumed on an empty stomach, but more – not recommended.

For example, doctors say that eating certain food groups on an empty stomach can have a negative impact on your health. First of all it refers to the coffee. It turns out to start your morning with a cup of coffee can be used only if before that you have already had breakfast. If you drink this product on an empty stomach, the different possible negative effects, since caffeine stimulates increased secretion of gastric juice.

It is also desirable to abandon the idea of fasting to eat a variety of spicy food. In fact, spices help to improve metabolism, but can only use them after you’ve eaten something.

On an empty stomach it is also dangerous to drink carbonated drinks, alcohol, bananas, citrus fruits, and much more.

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