What are the Dangers of Microwave Ovens?

180920163Microwave oven has become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen almost every modern housewife. You can use it not only very fast warm up cold food, but also to cook something tasty or defrost meat, for example. However, do not hurry to rejoice that your kitchen has a microwave. Recent studies prove that this kitchen appliance is a very harmful effect on the body.

In particular, researchers from the UK conducted a series of scientific experiments and practice have shown that the use of microwave detrimental effect on our health. In particular, it can just cause cataracts or cause the development of cancer cells in humans.

Because in the process of their work radiates microwave radiation. Despite the fact that formally the radiation must hold a special metal net, scientific experiments prove that it does not provide 100% protection.

Another negative factor is that the microwave greatly reduces the energy value of any food, it also affects people who regularly consume it in food.

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