What are the Consequences of Violation of the Intestinal Microflora?

Violation of the intestinal microflora does not lead only to a worsening of the stomach, but also affects the general state of the body.

The modern person every year more and more uses harmful food stuffs which all appear more often on counters of shops.

Such products contribute to the emergence of the fermentation process, which slows down the digestibility and, naturally, affects the appearance of extra pounds, and as you know, they cause a number of diseases, including chronic ones, that affect the decrease in life expectancy.

It should be borne in mind that milk, cheese, sausages and other products that we offer with a long shelf life contain more harmful substances than useful ones. Because of the disturbance of microflora in the intestine, an inflammatory process may begin, which affects even the skin condition, not to mention the pains in the joints.

Those people who have an imbalance of microflora, are nervous, often fall into depression and experience a sense of anxiety, and, more often, for no apparent reason.

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