What Are the Challenges in Urban Residents

Today, virtually all European countries, there is such a tendency, when people from the countryside, mostly young people, moved to the city for permanent residence.

This is understandable, because the city is easier to find a job with a higher salary.

But, at the same time it is worth remembering what health hazards exist for those who live in big cities.

One of them is dirty air, which is formed by emissions of pollutants by enterprises, as well as on the roads is becoming more and more transport, there are traffic jams, as a result of which cars are also poisoning the atmosphere.

As a result of vital activity sometimes it forms smog over cities, which previously warned the media. In those days, the best option would be to leave the city, but if for some reason this is not possible, do not open the windows in ventilation, as instead of fresh air in your room appear harmful mixture, from which there is a headache and nausea .

Also, one of the challenges facing cities is the presence of natural products, if the villagers themselves can grow organic vegetables and fruits, they are rarely found on the shelves of the city’s shops. Due to the energy savings, natural wood is almost completely replaced with plastic, which when heated emit harmful substances.

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