What are the Benefits Tomatoes

Among the food meet both beneficial and harmful, and what kind of them prefer to use a person depends largely on his health condition.

In some countries, such as Spain, Italy, the national cuisine is unthinkable without the tomatoes, because tomatoes are used for preparation of many dishes.

In addition, the Spanish festival is held under the title “Tomatina” is dedicated to this vegetable, as is well known in this country, people observed a greater life expectancy, and it is no coincidence, because the tomatoes are extremely useful for our body. Primarily improve heart tomatoes, as they contain lycopene which is an antioxidant.

In addition, the tomatoes should be included in the diet most people suffering from high blood pressure, and, of them can cook a delicious salad with the addition of olive oil, because it contributes to a better digestibility. But, most importantly, the people who throughout the year consumed tomatoes are much less exposed to such common diseases as oncology.

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