What are the Benefits of Fresh Produce?

What are the Benefits of Fresh Produce?As it became known from the words of the scientists who conducted the research associated with various heart diseases, it plays an important role that the kind of food, a person tried in childhood.

Most people who have problems with the age of health before their menu consisted of not fresh food and is further affected their health.

This is explained by the fact that the products, long-term storage are depleted of oxygen, after Hondrocream Portugal which use to supplement the necessary amount of oxygen in the human heart has to work more often, which leads him to a rapid wear.

Therefore, beginning in early childhood, it is necessary to eat only meals prepared from fresh ingredients, including in your diet plenty of vegetables and fruits. For the nutrition of their children parents should include in their seafood menu. Daily consumption of walnuts in moderate doses, reduces the risk of various diseases.

Especially should be fresh sour – dairy products, as over time the microbes can be formed therein.

Scientists Assure That Products Of Long-Term Storage Are poison

The products of long-term storage offered to us by supermarket shelves, as a rule, nothing like their original prototype – a fresh product, does not.

In addition to the fact that there is absolutely nothing in their composition that could positively influence and benefit our body, many of them have preservatives that can adversely affect the organism as a whole and lead to irreversible processes.

And the saddest thing about this is that this opinion is not an empty myth propagandized Collamask Türkiye krem by fighters for freshness on the table, but a proven fact. Recently, scientists from the United States of America conducted a number of studies, the results of which were simply shocking. It turns out that foods that have a long shelf life can kill brain cells. As a rule, the root of evil lies not only in the preservatives themselves, but also in some fats, which manufacturers add to many products in order to increase their shelf life. These fats have a modified structure, so they disrupt the brain. Scientists conducted observations on laboratory mice.

As a result, it became clear that those animals that were fed with these products demonstrated a complete loss of brain functioning. Experts say that the same thing happens with the human brain. This is especially dangerous for children, since Collamask Ελλάδα κρέμα brain cells are still affected at the stage of development. In addition, this change can have a hereditary nature, thus having disastrous consequences for the creation of healthy offspring.

Therefore, experts sound alarm and urge all people who care about their health and the health of their families to refuse long-term storage products and switch to eating only fresh food in their daily diet. An exception can be only preservation of home origin, provided that you made it without adding any chemical impurities. It is also possible to freeze some of your own food.

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