What Are Antibiotics?

The ratio of humanity can be divided into several categories to antibiotics.

Proponents of the first strongly advocate their acceptance, resulting in a convincing case that the antibiotic is best to cope with a number of microorganisms that can cause great harm to health. Each type of bacteria is possible to win the best view of the antibiotic. This includes doctors, scientists and people with a rational approach.

The second category is filled with ardent opponents of antibiotics. They cite as an example the experience of past centuries, when the overall human immunity is stronger and more stable. A modern antibiotics provoking its decline. This approach is not safe, as there are many diseases that are cured only antibakteriologicheskim influence and no more. But adhering to this approach, people are basically irrational and insensitive to the arguments of logic.

The third category – reinsurers. People in this category are taking antibiotics for the purpose to preempt disease. However, it is quite impractical as small colonies of bacteria become accustomed to the drug, and multiply, become resistant to its action. In the case of a dangerous disease that individual is no longer any means of rescue.

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