Water in Plastic Bottles is Harmful to Health

With the advent of plastic bottles, they are widely used, because it became popular among the population.

Compared to glass containers in which the majority of drinks sold until recently, plastic is much more convenient, because it is easier, not beating, and much more practical.

However, as it was possible to prove the European scientists, plastic packaging hides a number of different harmful substances, which adversely affect human health. During the experiment, when people have used water from such a package for a long time, their presence Bisphenol-A was found in the body, which refers to toxic substances.

According to experts, even a high-quality water, which is kept for a while in a plastic container, it becomes dangerous to use, since it appears toxic substances.

However, this does not mean that it is necessary to completely abandon buy water in these bottles, the only thing is to remember that as soon as it is necessary to pour the contents of the opening, with preference given to a glass container.

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