Want to Live a Long Time – Do Not Overeat at Night

In order to extend the years of his life, and thus less likely to deal with a variety of diseases, it is necessary to follow the rules, which of course most people are well known.

American scientists who conducted experiments on monkeys, proved scientifically that eating before bed is very negative effect on the whole body, and leads to premature aging.

Especially it concerns the intestine and the cardiovascular system. Those animals that are fed directly before going to bed, after some time began to emerge inflammatory processes in the stomach, increased formation of slag, which generally had a negative impact on the general condition.

Therefore, a rule of thumb, not long before sleep, it is best to drink a glass of kefir, which per night normalizes the stomach. The only condition is that when you buy it, choose made from natural milk, with a small shelf life, because most low-fat dairy products do not incorporate any nutrients, but the harm from consumption, guaranteed.

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