Walnuts Protect Against Diabetes

28101626Diabetes – a disease, the appearance of which in humans, scientists are trying to prevent, which is carried out various studies on the effect of diet on overall health.

Positive results were obtained in the study of the effect of walnuts on the human body: it turned out that its inclusion in the diet has the effect due to the overall positive effect on all organ systems.

In the course of the study, which involved 112 men and women aged 25-75 years at risk of occurrence of diabetes due to hereditary factors, half of the participants consumed daily 56 g walnut kernels, and the other half completely avoided this product.

Another experiment in the process it became evident that the group of participants who used the product, the second group is superior in terms of charge of the cell wall of blood vessel function. As a result – reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes decreased.

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