Walking Up the Stairs Improves Heart

One of the most important human organs, is the heart of the work that affects our health and life.

In these difficult times hard to keep it in good condition, because it is influenced by various factors, which include food, daily routine, the environment, and that’s not counting the fact that it lays down the load during times of stress, the nervous feelings.

American scientists conducted an experiment where participants were women, leading a sedentary lifestyle. They were divided into two groups, one of which is for half an hour cycled, whereas others, for the same period went up the stairs.

Ten days later, after the end of the experiment proved that the heart was better to work for those who engaged in walking for the stairwells. According to experts, the reason for this is that the load alternating with rest, and in the case of driving constantly having to pedal. Therefore, people having problems with the heart activity, it should take the stairs every day.

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