Walking the Dog Has a Positive Effect on Health

21111613The fact that pets have a positive effect on the human condition, has long been proved by scientists, especially for children and single people.

A cat or a dog, who live in an apartment a few years, become a full-fledged member of the family, and the owners are so accustomed to them that already can not imagine how they would do without affection, and tenderness that they give the animals instead of giving them accommodation. But they require special care, since, in addition to feeding is still needed additional cleaning and daily walks.

However, it failed to prove the experts, these are the constant walking dogs allow their owners to preserve the health.

Regardless of the weather and the desire people have to withdraw your four-footed friend on the street, and such exercise is carried out twice a day, morning and evening, and this means that the person is in the open air, and in constant motion.

At the same time, being a walk with the dog, the owner does not feel fear, because I am sure that he has a protector, ready to repel anyone who tries to harm.

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