Walking on a Frosty Day Strengthens the Nervous System

22111614Everyone knows that fresh air not only strengthens the nervous system, but also have a positive effect on the physical condition of the person.

If you look at the thermometer outside the window, it shows the temperature of – 20 ° C, so you’re wondering whether or not in such a cold go for a walk, or to postpone it until better times, and enjoy the natural beauty of the warm apartment.

However, doctors strongly recommend a walk on the street, in spite of the weather conditions, the only thing they warn, it’s about choosing the right clothes. In cold day, special attention should be paid to the person who did not appear to frostbite areas, and should take care of the hands.

The fact that supercooled upper limbs at least once, you have a long time there will be a violation of thermoregulation, causing the joints can become inflamed. Therefore, it is best not to wear leather gloves and mittens knitted from pure wool.

In extreme cold feet freeze quickly, so in any case not shoes tight shoes, as well as give up high heels.

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