Vitamin B1 Deficiency Disrupts Motor Activity

Scientists from Israel, after a series of experiments, found out that those children who were fed with artificial nutrition, in which there was no vitamin B1, were much more likely to undergo various diseases, especially the musculoskeletal system, which in most cases was affected in time.

The absence of this vitamin also negatively affects the functioning of the cardiac system.

This vitamin is able to stay in the body for no more than three weeks and, if you do not replenish its stock, you can face great troubles. To ensure that the vitamin of this group is constantly present in the body, it is necessary to include in your diet some foods, in most cases of plant origin.

These include raisins, nuts, legumes, as well as vegetables and fruits. If the child has a lack of B1, then at the initial stage, he has a lack of appetite. In addition, he becomes inactive, may appear a state of apathy, therefore, in such cases it is better to seek the advice of specialists.

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