Vegetables Which Contains the Greatest Number of Nitrate

2210164Use chemical fertilizers, which contribute to a significant increase in their many growers In order to get a good harvest.

As a result, such a large number of vegetables accumulate nitrates, which adversely affect the operation of our body.

Nitrates are found in all vegetables, but in a certain amount, so their use does not threaten the human body, but when their number exceeds the permissible limits, these vegetables are harmful to health.

Most exposed to the accumulation of nitrates, beets, cabbage, potatoes and greens. Determine the nitrate level is fairly easy in these products, because of their taste and smell significantly different from normal vegetables.

When buying vegetables give preference to an average size, as too large roots, most likely, they were grown with chemical fertilizers. As herbs such as parsley and dill, the highest content of nitrates stored in their stems, as well as in the upper cabbage leaves, therefore, during use, it is desirable to remove them.

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