Vegetables for Dietary Dinner

1609201614Many people around the world suffer from excess weight, thus causing various diseases. Most people get better in the autumn-winter period, because, with the onset of cold weather physical activity decreases. To this did not happen, and your figure always remained normal, you need to watch your diet.

Autumn is the one time when the stores large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, which should be included in the daily menu, especially at dinner time, so as not to overload your body for the night. One of the best vegetables are courgettes, from which you can cook stews, eggs or eat a salad. No less beneficial properties found in eggplant, which can be baked in the oven with a variety of ingredients. Bulgarian pepper also applies to dietary foods, so try as often as possible to use it.

For the good functioning of the intestines is an indispensable vegetable gourd, from which you can cook porridge or baked with the addition of a small amount of sugar.

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