Useful Properties of Spicy and Spicy Food

Japanese scientists for several years conducted a series of studies to determine the main factors affecting longevity.

And, as you know, the inhabitants of this country occupy the first place in this indicator. Among them, along with an active way of life, nutrition affects longevity.

Those people who include in their diet vegetables, fruits, seafood and nuts, live much longer. It has also been shown that people who use spicy and spicy condiments for cooking reduce the risk of mortality by 15%, compared to those who refuse to use them.

The reasons for this are that spices reduce the desire to eat fatty and sweet foods. In addition, they have antibacterial properties and are able to fight with various microbes and viruses, thereby protecting a person from many diseases. On the condition in which blood vessels are located, the work of many organs and the general condition depends, and, as is known, acute seasonings reduce the amount of cholesterol and strengthen their walls.

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