Useful Properties of Shrimps

Nutritionists claim to avoid certain diseases, and also, to feel in good physical condition and high spirits, it is necessary to include as often as possible in your diet products that are considered useful.

An American scientist who for 45 years conducted research, proved that with the help of food can cure almost any disease, the main thing – to pick up the necessary menu.

However, he notes that the most useful products for the human body are vegetables and fruits, seafood, as well as wine, used in moderation. Among the seafood is prawns, which contain vitamins B, PP. A, E and D.

In addition, they contain a huge amount of trace elements, as well as an antioxidant that prevents the onset of cancer. Due to the presence of omega-3-6 acids, the work of the cardiovascular system is improving. It is noted that people who regularly eat shrimps are distinguished by their longevity, and they complain less often of various diseases.

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