Useful Properties of Purple Potato

Indian scientists who conducted a series of experiments, it was possible to find a drug that can kill cancer stem cells, because of which there is an oncology colon.

The most surprising was the fact that this drug is purple potatoes.

During his research baked in an oven, and then we determined that the anti-cancer function in it are preserved in spite of the fact that the vegetable is subjected to heat treatment. After and tuber extract was removed, it was used in testing in rodent models of cancer.

It turned out that it further hindered the proliferation of cancer cells, and kill them completely after a certain time, whereby, the animals become completely healthy. Apart from the fact that the potato has good taste, offer more information about its medicinal properties.

If every day to eat at least one large potato purple, you can protect your body from the emergence of many diseases because it contains a lot of useful items.

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